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Katherine "Bitzi" Tate has served at the heart of the educational community for over 25 years, as a teacher, administrator, and industry representative.  She has worked successfully on legislation, knows the process, and believes in the power of limited government and competitive markets as key to a thriving society.



· Term Limits ~ Citizen Government

· SUSPEND  PUBLIC FUNDS for schools promoting anti-American Secular Statist indoctrination

· SUSPEND PUBLIC FUNDS for illigitimate baby mills

· SUSPEND VOTING PRIVILEGES for mothers and fathers who choose to abort their child

· SUSPEND VOTING PRIVILEGES  for mothers and fathers who force tax payers to bear the costs of birthing, rearing, feeding, clothing, housing, and babysitting their children 

· RESTORE  "America First" trade and immigration policies (that's the federal government's job)

United By A Common Goal: One Nation Under God

The American Dream of living out "true religion" in the market place and public square requires vigilance of every generation.

Our Founders brought to the New World the radical Reformation ideals of the God-given right of religious and political liberty.  Formalized in Colonial Charters, state constitutions, and finally, the Declaration of Independence ~ a three-branch framework of government mirroring the Triune God was sealed in the Constitution of the United States.

Americans clearly understood that the blessings of liberty are assured only to that nation who submits herself to the one true God. 

For this cause, our Founders pledged their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.”  I’m doing the same. 

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If you know that we must fight for the freedom to express "true religion"  in schools, government, and the marketplace, then we're on the same team. Thank you!

The Republican Primary is June 5th.  Please vote. 

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March 08, 2018

MS Federation of Republican Women

"Red Coat Day" MS State Capitol

March 20, 2018

Business & Industry Education Committee 

Candidate Forum & Luncheon

Jackson Marriott Downtown 


April 02, 2018

Covington County Candidate Forum

April 16, 2018

Oktibbeha County Candidate Forum


"Bitzi, You would be an exemplary representative!
To All: Everyone who supports her should be willing to help out financially; give what you can; give something."  G.J.

"You’ve got my vote, even while considering! "  S.U. 

"You lead by your example."  F.T.J.

"I'm so proud of you!" C.E. 

" I'll pull for you, I think you are a smart, level headed lady!"  W.T.B.

" I think you will be great!" C.H.

"I'm for Katherine Tate for Congress." F A.

"I'm on the Tate Train!" J.S.

" You  have exactly the Leadership skills and abilities needed for Our State.  I'll support Your  Campaign. Go for it my friend!" J.K.

"Your students always loved you. I wish you the very best!"  K.H.

" You’ve got common sense, Bitzi. Good luck. Prayers for you."  B.G. 

"Why not?  Someone has to do it!" M.G.

"My heart leapt when I saw your post. An educator in public office makes such good sense. Praying for you" KWT

" Tate for the win!" C.M. 

" Congratulations Bitzi!  Big part of your message is Trust... the Cool thing about Trust is that it’s a Character Trait! Can’t be  taught or trained... It goes well with your last name. Trust Tate! "  T.F. 

"Katherine, you have the integrity of a life submitted to Christ.  We need you in public office." G.W.